88 Friary Road, London
12 - 19 April 2013


Shoot The Lobster, New York
26 April - 4 May 2013


Galerie 104 Kléber, Paris
23 October - 27 October 2013

Seven years ago exhibitions in a Peckham squat, 78 Lyndhurst Way, caught the attention of the British media.
The artists exhibited - James Balmforth, James Capper, Nathan Cash Davidson, Bobby Dowler, Christopher Green,
Oliver Griffin and Shaun McDowell were among the first to bring critical acclaim to the artistic activity in Peckham.

Today, Peckham in South East London is recognised as the UK's most exciting area for emerging art.
PECKHAMNEWYORKPARIS introduces new painting, sculpture and photography from Peckham's seven in three
locations; Peckham, New York, Paris.

In April 2013, the Peckham show opened in a crumbling residential building that had been McDowell’s studio
since 2002. The show was in collaboration with Manhattan gallery Shoot the Lobster, this was the first
time a New York based gallery had operated in Peckham. Following the Peckham show, the artists then
travelled with works in their suitcases to Shoot the Lobster in New York. In October 2013,
for the finale, the group presented new works at Galerie 104 Kléber, Paris.